Business Masterind
Alex Pirouz

Alex Pirouz

Linkedin Expert featured on Channel 10, Forbes, Inc, Sunrise, & NBC News.

Blake Micola

Blake Micola

The Facebook Ad expert used for Digital Marketers, Dr John Demartini, Chris Gray, and Vision Personal Training.

Crystelle Topatan

Crystelle Topatan

Australia’s Leading Sales & Marketing Automation Strategist used for Anthony Robbins, Peter Morrissey & Dr John Demartini

Cameron Fancourt

Cameron Fancourt

Senior Executive and Board Member of Anytime Fitness & Advisor to Endota Spa.

Carrie Myton

Carrie Myton

The predictable cashflow expert Loral Langemeier, Jordan Belfort, BMW, Audi and The Hilton swear by.

+ 49 other ambitious entrepreneurs just like you!

Your ticket includes:

  • 8 hour jam-packed day with 5 Business Advisors
  • Networking with Business Owners
  • Masterminding with Advisors in Breakout Sessions
  • Copy of Powerpoint slides used by Advisors for future reference
  • Unlimited Tea & Coffee throughout the day


Monday, August 7th
9.30am – 5.30pm


Friday, August 11th
9.30am – 5.30pm

You’ll Walk in at 9:30am with a system for getting clients that looks like this…

And 8 Hours Later, at 5:30pm, You’ll Have a Specific Shortcut Action Plan to Get Clients-Like-Clockwork!

Instantly, You’ll be Connected to 5 of the Top Experts We Turn to When We Need Help Getting Clients, Boosting Cashflow, Turning Leads into Sales, Being More Productive, Knowing What to Charge, Finding a Point of Differentiation, Strategy or Scaling – Plus…

You are Guaranteed to Walk Out With Answers to the Top 3 Obstacles You’re Facing Right Now

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Let’s not beat around the bush: the vast majority of business events leave you walking away with nothing but a to-do list so long and scary you set it aside… and end up doing nothing.

Often, they are full of sales hype and theory – and you have to listen to a lot of dribble to hear that one sentence you went to find in the first instance.

Rarely do you get your specific questions answered.

An action plan? Forget it.

A systematic method of connecting you with the right people who can take your business to the next level? Yeah, right!

The opportunity to ask the business advisors specific questions about the challenges you’re going through right now? You’ve got to be kidding – more like ‘bits and pieces’ with an upsell to the full program.

In today’s busy world, who has time for that? It’s time for a revolution and this game-changing “Tailored-for-You Mastermind” is the complete opposite of what you’ve come to expect. In fact…

It’s Like Comparing a Tailor Made Suit to One Bought Off-the-Rack…

Before I continue, take a moment to write down the 3 biggest challenges you’re facing in your business right now.

Have you done that?


Perhaps it’s finding a system that works like clockwork for attracting and retaining customers – so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel constantly to secure their attention and generate sales?


Maybe you’d like to secure ongoing retainer clients, instead of one-off projects – so you don’t have to constantly worry about where the next sale is coming from?

Or perhaps you want to know how to stand out in a crowded marketplace – so you can stop competing against cheap competitors, who offer nowhere near the value?

It doesn’t matter what you’re currently struggling with – whether it’s getting new leads, writing copy for your web site (as well as social media posts, blog posts and emails), attracting the right clients who both value what you offer (and pay fast) – unlike most business and marketing events, when you join us for this business mastermind…

You’re Not Going to Get a Fire Hydrant of Content Shoved Down Your Throat!

Believe me when I say this event is unlike any you’ve attended before. In fact, last time we held this, the feedback we received spoke for itself…


"This is the best business development event I have been to, period."

– Ben Dewson Fifth Level Training


"A great opportunity to focus on your business and gain new ideas and inspiration"

– Michael Crozier


"Inspirational, knowledgable, and really created a platform for business tools for the future."

– Natalie Longheon Just Add Cream

So What Makes This Business Mastermind Unlike Any Other?

Quite simple: It’s tailored. Including…

  • The seating arrangements: so you’re next to people you’ll hit it off with, where you can help each other)…
  • The opportunity to ask specific questions: that’s right, each of the business advisors will be there for the entire day – and they are there to identify your blind spots and give you their results-only strategies.
  • The balance between content and implementation: each hour of content is balanced with one hour of implementation, where you can either get busy on your computer, make phone calls – or ask the speakers about your specific frustrations and get direct advice.
  • You walk away with answers: keep reading to the end for the full details – every part of the day is geared towards this, so you walk out ready to get results, not just with a head full of data.

The limit of 50 people in the room: this is the perfect size for maximising the opportunity to generate relationships – while being intimate enough to create depth and a supportive environment.

And nothing is off limits: If you need leads, more cashflow… you’ll get strategies on that. If you’d like to stop riding the up-and-down marketing rollercoaster and finally enjoy peace of mind, you’ll discover specific strategies for achieving this (so you can get out of the “chasing cashflow” trap, and begin charging what you’re worth, planning ahead with confidence, and turning your attention to higher priority projects). 

One more thing: these business advisors have nothing to sell you.

They aren’t front-man/woman speakers, they are the doers. The people behind the people. The companies behind the companies.

The Experts Driving the Big Brand Names Including Anytime Fitness, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Endota Spa, Ritz Carlton, Dr John Demartini, Jordan Belfort, Loral Langemeier …and the list goes on.

They live and breathe their craft on a daily basis – and I know that for a fact. I have experienced working with each of them personally, many for over 10 years, whom I’ve personally paid tens of thousands of dollars to for their advice.

And for the first time ever, I’d like to give YOU personal access to every one of them for one entire day – including…

Cameron Fancourt

“How He Built a Multi-Million Dollar Brand, How To Build a Business With The End In Mind, Capital Raising, and Scalability.”

You’ve heard about Anytime Fitness but you probably didn’t know one of the Business Advisors behind it’s growth from 1 gymnasium to a National franchise. Meet Cameron Fancourt, he was $1.9 million in debt and dealing with crippling fear and anxiety – yet went on to also build and represent other successful brands including Massage Envy and Endota Spa.

In Cameron’s “tell all” session he’ll reveal everything – including…

  • How he got started, right back at the very beginning (including who his mentors were, who trained him, and where he goes for business advice now)
  • The turning point that made the businesses he grew to a National multi-campus level a phenomenal and sustainable successful (and what he does continuously to ensure these businesses prosper and grow)
  • Looking back, what would he do different and why (includes his advice to get any business off the ground, the most important thing he’s learnt in the past 12 months – and what he’s doing differently in his marketing today, compared to three years ago)
  • What it REALLY takes, to achieve this level of success (the specific actions he has taken – and exactly what you can do, starting today, to give yourself the best odds of ‘mirroring’ his achievements)
  • His biggest failures (and the exact techniques he used to get where he is today – including how he manages distractions, such as balancing his social, family and work life)
  • The one big leap he took to start on his road to success (plus: what decision made the biggest difference in his business, and what he would tell his ‘just starting out’ sell right now?)
  • How to scale a business safely and strategically from the beginning. No matter where you’re currently at, you need to be thinking of the end. Cameron walks through how to make strategic decisions in the beginning to allow maximum business growth well beyond your lifespan.

Blake Micola

“My Facebook Ads Go-to-Guy Reveals His ‘Rule of 12’ Technique”

When Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer brand came to Australia for the first time, this is the guy that did their Facebook advertising.

Many industry leaders swear by this underground Rockstar – he’s worked with dozens of well-known speakers building successful Facebook Ad campaigns including Celebrity Apprentice star Mark Bouris, Visionary Property Developer Maha Sinnathamby, The Secret star Dr John Demartini, Sky News property guru Chris Gray and Vision Personal Training.

And in his session he’s going to show you a systematic approach to marketing on Facebook that delivers consistent and reliable results – no matter what business you are in, including:

  • The “rule of 12” technique he uses to launch a Facebook campaign (it virtually guarantees you get an unfair advantage over your competitors)
  • Exactly what to do daily to ensure your Facebook Ads campaign is on track (skip this checklist, and you’re almost certain to be wasting money)
  • The “mop up” technique that can double your sales (most completely ignore this, yet it’s like walking away from a pot of gold)
  • The latest algorithm changes hardly anyone knows about yet (and how you can tap into it to collect quick profits)
  • The foolproof 80/20 technique for getting an ‘extra edge’ over your competitors – fast
  • The 3 biggest and most common mistakes business owners make on Facebook (if you’ve ever heard someone say ‘Facebook ads didn’t work for me’, this is probably why)
  • And how to capitalise on every single lead that comes your way (no more wasted leads if they don’t convert means a far greater ROI – this alone is worth thousands to any business owner running Facebook Ads!)

Alex Pirouz

“How to Use Linkedin as a Fishing Pond to Hook Your Ideal Clients”

Want to attract and retain more of the right type of clients… those who can pay you month in and month out for years on end?

Get the media raving about you so your name is everywhere? Attract the best joint venture partners who can introduce you to thousands?

Then Alex Pirouz is your guy.

His company, Linkfluencer, was recognised by Forbes Magazine as Australia’s leading Linkedin Training company, rated by Anthill magazine as one of the top 100 most innovative companies for 2015 – and in a little over four years they have now educated over 18,000 businesses in 30 countries across 55 industries.

His work has been featured in more than 60 publications including: Channel 10, Forbes, Inc, Sunrise, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, NBC News, and he currently writes for Huffington Post, Hub Spot and Entrepreneur Magazine. What’s more, he was a judge at the “Screw Business as Usual 2012 Competition” at the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and Anthill Magazine Smart 100.

In this session, you will discover:

  • Why Linkedin is perhaps the best place to find your ideal clients (if you have this type of business, there is no better targeting platform. Period)
  • The best way to approach potential clients (so you don’t make common mistakes which come off looking cheesy or sleazy – and it ends up working against you)
  • How to leverage Linkedin to grow a sizeable database (and build a tribe of ‘raving fans’ who both like and trust you)
  • The absolute best way to approach affiliate partners, so they send you hundreds of qualified leads (there’s simply no faster way of building your business, and ‘shortcutting’ the number of steps you need to take)
  • The quickest, easiest way to get the media banging down your door (and get featured in leading publications, which works wonders for your credibility)
  • When to start selling on Linkedin (hint: most people get it wrong, but when you master this process, it works like clockwork and attracts the right clients who are willing to pay what you charge)

Carrie Myton

“The Fastest Way to Generate Predictable Cashflow that Covers Your Overheads Every Month”

When BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ritz Carlton, Hilton, and the Holiday Inn need to boost sales quickly and sustainably, this is the girl they turn to.

In fact, so does…

Loral Langemeier – whom she helped create over $1 million of in-house sales for after the recession.

Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street) – who generated over $1.1 million in sales in 3 months with Carrie’s help.

Nicola Grace – who 4x’d her sales within two months of working with Carrie.

And I swear by her too, having paid thousands per hour to pick her brain over the years – about things like…

  • How to sell clients once, and have them automatically buy from you over and over again (and generate that income passively, without your effort – so you can focus on growing the business, not just delivering a service)
  • The fastest way to get your business covering your overheads (so you can say goodbye to cashflow issues – and laying in bed at night worrying about how to pay the bills and generate more revenue – for good)
  • The quickest, easiest way to build a sales team, inexpensively (so income is generated without you – and without the usual hassles which hold most business owners back)
  • The single best phone script for dealing with a new lead to build trust fast (this could literally be worth thousands of dollars to you, and Carrie will hand it to you at the event – so you can implement it the very next day)
  • The best follow up script for handling an inbound email (so instead of running away, clients are drawn to know more and having a real conversation with you)
  • 7 conversations that convert Facebook and Linkedin leads (exactly what to say, no matter what situation you are in – to convert sales fast)
  • How to take yourself out of your business and automate the human touch factor – while ensuring it converts into $$.

Make no mistake about it – this lady is brilliant!

Crystelle Topatan

“Crystelle can automate and systemise things you didn’t even know was possible, in order to create a scalable business that operates without you”

Crystelle knows how to create the best automated funnels you’ve ever seen so that your business is making money with or without you. THIS is the pivotal difference between you being able to spend more time working on your business and it’s growth strategy, and less time stuck in your business.

As one of Australia’s leading sales & marketing automation strategists, Crystelle has spent 15+ years working in Marketing and Events throughout Australia. She founded Launch Business Automation, a Marketing & Business Automation Agency, and has grown it to be Australia’s leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Crystelle has worked with and promoted brands such as Anthony Robbins, Peter Morrissey, Kerwin Rae, The Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Belfort), Dr. John Demartini and has personally impacted countless people through her own seminars and workshops.

During Crystelle’s session she will teach us how to maximise automation within your business, and how to:

  • How to make more revenue by working smarter and doing less
  • How to take your business to the next level of growth
  • Stay ahead of the game by getting your strategy straight from the source
  • How a little can go a long way to increasing your ROI – and how to do it for YOUR business.

"Great content and very doable ideas to implement immediately - Thank you."

– Rosa Ghidella


"Great networking day with valuable information and actionable take home steps"

– Micaela Owen BellaBott


"Great to have the opportunity to look at my business and reevaluate"

– David Collins Fresh Crop Mushrooms

As you can see, this A-team knows their stuff, and have worked underground for years to generate millions upon millions of dollars of sales for themselves and their clients – in all sorts of different industries.

More importantly, because of the small size of the room and the fact they’ll be there for the full day…

You’ll Get the Opportunity to Interact With These Business Advisors and Get Your Specific Challenges Solved, Whatever They are!

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you want to know about…


Finding a niche and differentiating yourself from competitors…


How to ensure every lead gets you an ROI…


Overcoming fears and insecurities, and staying motivated in order to maintain momentum in tough times…


Building a foolproof system to convert sales…


Writing effective ads and content…


Getting known, and developing a mini-celebrity status…


Balancing your life, and creating a business (not a job) that enables you to be the creator and strategist rather than the employee…

This is your event.

It’s tailored to you, and it’s designed to get your business results.

So whatever unique or oddball riddles you’re dealing with right now…

Here’s our Promise to You: You Will Get the Top 3 Problems You Walked in With – Answered!

What’s more, there will be no hype. No selling. No complicated, theoretical information that doesn’t work in the real world. And you won’t leave with a headful of information with no real conclusion of next steps. In fact…

In the Final Session of the Day, You’ll Create Your Own Tailored Action Plan.

What’s more, everything you do up to that point will move towards this – with the opportunity to ask the business advisors and other 49 entrepreneurs questions and advice.

Ok, What’s the Bottom Line… How Much is This Tailored-for-You 1 Day Business Mastermind Going to Cost?

Consider this: to hire each of these individuals on a 1 on 1 basis would set you back anywhere from $500 – $3,000 an hour. Each is giving you 8 hours of their time.

That’s 40 hours of business advisory, meaning it would cost you anywhere from $20,000 – $120,000 if you were to engage them to advise you on this level personally. (I know this, because we do!!)

Of course, that’s not possible for most business owners. And that’s why I’ve pulled in every favour I can to make it happen at a mere fraction of this.

It won’t cost you $50,000. Not $10,000. Not even $1,000.

No, you’ll pay just $297 to spend the entire day.

Why are we doing this?

Starting, scaling, and strategizing as a business owner can be a lonely journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate through the noise, advice, and sales pitches, and find a group of people you can trust and are committed to your businesses growth – unbiasedly.

So we are creating just that. For you, and for me, and for the 49 others that resonate with us.

We are committed to creating the most valuable, practical and supportive business mastermind in Australia.

If You’re Not 100% Satisfied, I’ll Give You Your Money Back

Yes, you must walk away with your top 3 questions answered and an action plan you can implement immediately to take your business and life to the next level (whether that’s getting more clients, scaling up, finding more time, or getting a better work/life balance)…

If you don’t, just come up to me at the end of the day and say: “you know what Samantha, this wasn’t for me” and I’ll give you a prompt refund on the spot. No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no problems at all.


Only 50 Seats Available. Book Now, Last Time This Event Sold Out Within Days.

Tickets $695SPECIAL 50% OFF ONLY $297! 

Launch Price Valid Unless Sold Out Prior

Your ticket includes:

  • 8 hour jam-packed day with 5 Business Advisors
  • Networking with Business Owners
  • Masterminding with Advisors in Breakout Sessions
  • Copy of Powerpoint slides used by Advisors for future reference
  • Unlimited Tea & Coffee throughout the day


Monday, August 7th
9.30am – 5.30pm


Friday, August 11th
9.30am – 5.30pm

It begins at precisely 9:30am, however I encourage you to get there at 8:30am in order to network, and so our team can personally introduce you to others we have identified may be able to help you with your business.

The experts will also be there early, mingling.

Please don’t delay – this event will sell out.

There are over 100k people on our database, and to protect the integrity of the event and ensure there is plenty of time for everyone to ask questions to the business advisors, the 50 seat limit will not be breached. First in best dressed – no exceptions.

I look forward to seeing you there and connecting with each business owner directly.😊

Samantha Brown
CEO, Global1

P.S. Still sitting on the fence. Take a moment to consider this…

Just One Connection or an Off-the-Cuff Sentence From One of These Business Advisors, Could be a Turning Point for You

Listen, it’s not always what you know or even who you know in business… but rather who knows YOU!
And just one connection can change everything.

Take Ray Croc for example, what if he’d never met the McDonald Brothers? Or if Jobs had never met Wozniak? Or if Bill Hewlett never met Dave Packard?

Connections are the ultimate shortcut, and we’ll be doing everything possible to facilitate these potential relationships at the event with speed-networking break out sessions, lend-a-hand shares to solve your biggest business hurdles, and much more.


"Very informative and exciting day! LOVED IT!!!"

– Camelia Strong


"Absolutely awesome event to network and learn new strategies."

– Brian Cook


"Interesting and insightful. A lot packed into a 1 day session!"

– Ramon Gardiner