Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini

Dominique Grubisa

Dominique Grubisa

Stephen Tolle

Stephen Tolle


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Make No Mistake About it:

One of These 12 Unidentified Villains is Stopping You From Building Wealth…

master the money puzzle

It doesn’t matter how hard you hustle, how many seminars you attend, how many hours you work, how much money you make or how hard you try to save – unless you master each and every aspect of this puzzle, you’ll never be independently secure and wealthy…

Fed up with seeing people who are no smarter than you pay off their mortgage fast and generate wealth and lifestyle? Tired of attending events or listening to podcasts which make bold promises you’re unable to execute as…

  • The soaring cost of living drains your bank account
  • You’re stuck in a job which pays you nothing close to what you’re really worth
  • And bills keep coming in so fast, there’s barely anything left over to save and invest (so you can’t even implement what you learn at those “investment secrets” events)

If you’re nodding your head right now, you must join us at…

Mastering The
Money Puzzle


(despite the soaring cost of living)

It doesn’t matter if you are…

Young couple getting into the market

In Your 20’s or 30’s, without kids…

Property prices are rising faster than you can keep up, discover how to enter the market without needing to save up a huge deposit.

have a family

Have a family…

And every dollar is accounted for – discover how to get ahead, build wealth and have the lifestyle you desire today – not when the kids finish school.

happy couple

Empty Nester…

With retirement constantly on your mind and your once “great lifestyle” diminishing, discover how to set yourself up for a lavish income into your 90’s?

The single most important thing to be aware of is…

Your Odds of Achieving Financial
Freedom Boils Down to Mastering This

The money puzzle has been developed following thousands of hours of research and development from a trio of the savviest money mentors in the country, and consists of three areas with 4 critical strategies each –

The Cashflow Puzzle

How to boost your cashflow so you can save – and put that money into investments while maintaining your current lifestyle

The Investing Puzzle

How to make good, safe strategic investments which generate passive cashflow and equity growth with minimal effort

The Anti-Fragile Puzzle

How to ensure you’re not pouring money into a glass nest-egg that’s about to smash into a thousand tiny pieces

Most Events Let You Down Because They
Only Give You 1 or 2 Pieces of the Puzzle

And that’s a big problem, because…

There’s no point in knowing how to invest, but not having the cashflow.

There’s no point having cashflow, if you don’t know how to save and leverage it – so…

The money you earn works for you…

money that works for you!
working for money

Instead of you working for money…

And there’s no point building wealth if you’re leaving it exposed to the elements and being smashed like this…

smashed bottle

Money Puzzle Mastery is different, very different. However we demand your full attention. It’s very structured. It’s very specific – and you’ll need to work.

Not only do you receive mini-tests after each session (to see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are within the puzzle) you’ll have created a colour-coded easy to follow roadmap…

While you may walk in at 10am totally confused about why you can’t seem to breakthrough and achieve financial freedom in your life…

By 5pm, you’ll walk out with a board like this – which reveals…

Exactly Which Puzzle-Pieces You Need to Focus Your Attention on to Win the Money Game


One things for sure, you’ll never forget what you learn. Stick it up on your fridge, your office, or somewhere you’ll see it often – and you’ll be guaranteed to not suffer from the information overload which is so common at many events. Especially since all 3 speakers are dynamite with runs on the board – including…

Session 1: The Cashflow Puzzle,
with Dr. John Demartini

In this session, you will unearth the first 4 puzzle pieces including…

  • How to get a job that pays you what you’re worth (includes the exact process Dr. Demartini has taken hundreds of his students through which could double your income – or more – within the next 12 months)
  • How to earn and save more without working more (the ultimate leverage formula. It seems too good to be true, but it can be done – make no mistake about it)
  • How to control spending and overcome “keeping up with the Jones’s syndrome” for good (this simple mind-hack & spreadsheet combo works wonders – nobody will ever be able to pull your strings again)
  • How to maintain a positive mindset towards money when bills keep coming at you (Just trying to “think positive” is dead wrong. Here’s what to do instead so negative thoughts bounce off you like a pebble off an elephant)
  • How to leverage your highest values to achieve your financial goals quicker, easier, and without compromising your mission.

Nobody understands cashflow and the psychology of beating the odds better than John Demartini. After being told in first grade that he would never read, write, communicate or amount to anything he has since gone on to appear on hundreds of national and international radio and television talk and financial news shows including CNN’s Larry King Live, CNBC, CBS, NBC, PBS – and consults to fortune 500 CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities, financiers and other professionals.

From humble beginnings growing up in a typical Aussie battler family in Blacktown in Sydney’s outer west, Stephen Tolle invested in his first property at the age of 23. Soon he quit his full time job and committed 100% to investing in property. In less than a year he had conducted over six and a half million dollars worth of property transactions, creating over a million dollars in capital growth. Since then he’s been featured on A Current Affair (Nine Network) and more than 20 appearances on Today Tonight (Channel 7).

Session 2: The Investment Puzzle,
with Stephen Tolle

In parts 5-8 of the money-puzzle, you’ll uproot the mystery behind…

  • The best way for Australian’s to build a property portfolio right now to maximise on the current trends, reduce risk, and profit quicker (plus, the top 5 factors to look for so you can identify upcoming “strike zones” for the rest of your life)The safest way to quickly generate several sources of passive income (and get solid monthly returns with minimal risk)
  • How to enter the property market with little to no money down (it seems impossible, but it’s true – this could give you a 15-year head-start over your friends. Includes exactly how to play your cards so you don’t get ripped off)
  • Started late in the financial game? Had a recent setback and feel like it’s hopeless? Here’s how to ensure you reach your financial goals even if you’re 55 or over.
  • Managed vs. index funds vs. property. Which is better, and why?
  • The absolute best way to invest your super now
  • The fastest way to pay down your mortgage, in 7-10 years not 25 (doesn’t cost you a cent more, the banks hope you never hear this)


Ok, so by now you’ve got 8 pieces of the puzzle. You know how to generate more cashflow and how to get that money working for you…

But despite all this, everything can get shattered in an instant unless you pickup the final four pieces of the puzzle…

Session 3: The AntiFragile Puzzle,
with Dominique Grubisa

In pieces 9-12 of the puzzle, you’ll annihilate any chance of your nest egg cracking – with these bullet-proof pillars…

  • The best way to create an invisible force-field around everything you currently own (whilst also protecting everything you’ll acquire during your lifetime – this is the only way to create real financial security for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll never get ripped off)
  • How to legally stop the biggest thief in Australia stealing from you: Tax! (it’s far easier than you think, once you understand this secret of the rich and know how to build your wealth portfolio with a rock-solid foundation right from the beginning)
  • What you MUST do to protect yourself in the event of a divorce or family fall-out (even if you don’t have a prenup in place)
  • Exactly WHY right now, based on current global events, the odds are very high that you could lose anywhere from 10 – 80% of your nestegg over the next 12 months
  • Why insurance is virtually useless for protection against lawsuits (these shady companies will do everything in their power to wiggle out of any claim they can. Don’t trust them, do this instead)
  • The single best way to structure each property purchase for asset protection and tax savings (the vast majority of people get this wrong and put themselves at unnecessary risk – but you won’t, once you understand these hush-hush facts)

As a practicing legal practitioner with over 22 years of legal and commercial experience, wealth and asset protection became something very close to her heart after she lost almost everything and had to claw her way back from bankruptcy. She’ll be sharing her insider strategies on how to make sure you never lose everything like she did – mastering the legal system’s puzzle so the cards are stacked in your favour.

No Theory Allowed – Every Single Strategy is Proven

These experts are the real deal. They follow their own advice and are all independently wealthy – so you’ll get the truth, not the hype – including the good side as well as the bad (and highlighting the risks, together with the benefits).

What’s more, they’ll get straight to the point. No fluffy stories. No long sales pitches which drag on and on like a bad dream. In fact, there will be 6 1/2 hours of pure, solid content – an investment which would cost at least $3,500.00 if you were to engage them for personal 1 on 1 consulting.

proven strategy

Live Hot Seats – Proof These Concepts Work in Real Life Situations

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 55, these strategies can work for you – and to prove it we’ll even be taking real life “hot seats” from the audience and punching in their numbers to see exactly how the puzzle pieces you’ll discover at the event can be implemented to achieve as much in the next three years as most people achieve in thirty.

No Distractions – a Super Focused Workshop

There are no ADD speakers jumping from topic to topic – and no sonic boom philosophies which are barely event related to money and wealth building.

No, the entire event will be focused on mastering the money puzzle – nothing else. You’ll discover everything everything you need to know – so you walk out with a step-by-step roadmap to create real wealth safely and methodically.

The Reason Other “Money” Events Have Let You Down

Imagine going into a store looking for a stool, and buying one with a broken leg…

You wouldn’t do it, would you? Why? Because you’d keep falling over. You’d never be stable. And you’d eventually end up hurting yourself and having an accident. 

It’s the same with investing. It’s not your fault if you haven’t been able to crack the code. Up until now…

No Other Event Has Given You All 3 Legs of the Stool.
No Other Event Has Given You All 12 Pieces of the Puzzle. 

broken stool

Finally, you can get everything in just one day.

However please only join us if you are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve financial success, because THIS STUFF WORKS.

It’s proven. It’s tested. And as you can see from the stories on this page, there are dozens of students who are living proof.
However there is limited speaking, and we want to restrict it to those who actually intend to play full out.

That means: fill out the questions… colour code the puzzle as you go… and follow through on everything you learn so you can give your family the sort of lifestyle that will make you a hero in their eyes. 

Registering is Free and Easy

This incredible event won’t cost you a cent, however you’ll need to be quick as there are no plans to run another one like it at this time. It starts at precisely 10am and runs until 5pm. You must be there on time, as there is a ton of tactics to get through and very little time to do it, and because of this… the doors will be locked from 10:05am.


New Dates Released Soon…