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1st – 7th NOVEMBER 2017

2 Easy Payment Options To Choose From: $897 x 6 Installments or $4997 Upfront

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.

We like to teach NLP a little differently… our focus is primarily on you as an individual and helping you master the tools and techniques for your own personal excellence. Having learned to embody the tools and techniques of NLP, it is much easier to go on and use them with others if you choose to incorporate NLP into your work or profession.

NLP is the Secret Weapon that Will Enable You To:


Take control of your emotions and focus your mind


Change unwanted behaviours and beliefs that hold you back


Unleash your true potential


Remove fears and phobias


Communicate with confidence and charisma


Feel comfortable in your own skin

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the relationship between your thought patterns and how they affect the results you get in life. The premise of NLP is that by changing your thought patterns and beliefs, you can dramatically improve the results you get in your life.

NLP was developed in the early 70’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who men who set out to answer the fascinating question, “what is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill and somebody who excels at the same skill?” They researched people who were the best in their field (including Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls), and found that by modelling the behaviour, thought patterns and strategies of the elite, anybody could replicate the same results.

What is NLP

Who Can Benefit From NLP?


Business owners and managers who want to increase sales, productivity and reduce stress


Athletes or sport lovers who want to get the edge and fast-track their improvement


Teachers, trainers and speakers who want to communicate more clearly and effectively with their audience


Anyone wanting to tap into their true potential without fear or doubt


Parents who want the best for their children (NLP was built on modelling which is exactly what young children do: they pick up on your beliefs and behaviours and replicate them. NLP will give you conscious awareness of any unwanted habits and beliefs so that you can resolve them and not inflict them upon your children!)

Why Learn NLP with Peter Shaw and Global1?

Peter has been teaching NLP around the world for over 13 years and is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to teaching and results.

NLP is a technique based subject which requires a good, solid philosophy to take it forward. Our philosophy coupled with NLP makes up life’s missing instruction manual. The simple philosophy is easy to apply and the results speak for themselves…


The words “Scary and Exciting” are now two words I live by. To me those three words represent anything that I initially think, “Ooooh f*ck no!! I could never do that!!!” Or, “I’d love to do that but… [insert reason or excuse here]” This is a way of life for me now and I use those words to test if what I am doing is enough for me or whether I should be pushing harder outside of my comfort zone and aiming higher.

Since fully embracing and living the “Peter Shaw” philosophy I am becoming a person who is not afraid to take risks in life. I’m no longer afraid to stand up for all the things I believe in and am passionate about. I want to show the world that anything is possible and there are no excuses as to why you can’t chase your dreams and create the life you want to live. ~ Sarah Kings

Your NLP Master Trainer, Peter Shaw

World Leader in Neuro-Linguistics Training, NLP Master Practitioner, and International Educator in Personal Peak Performance

Passionate about walking the talk and living a rich life, Peter continues to push the boundaries of possibility.

Over the past decade, Peter Shaw’s unique brand of neuro-linguistic programming and personal transformation has helped thousands of people around the world successfully enhance their performance and improve their results in business, relationships and finances.

Drawing on a range of backgrounds as diverse as Mechanical Engineering, Financial Planning, Sales and Management – Peter Shaw is the go-to-guy for results and the secret trainer to many Leaders, CEO’s and even athletes.

Peter has presented to over 50 thousand people on 5 continents, combining his humour, love of fun, and whatever it takes approach to change, with the most advanced tools for producing results in life.

Peter spends his time away from training exploring the world and fulfilling his never-ending thirst for adventure, learning and growth.



Learn techniques used by athletes and professionals to increase productivity and enhance performance


Access life’s natural highs and learn how to feel good, anytime, any place


Learn how to resolve inner conflicts that cause indecision and self-sabotage



Use language to communicate more effectively


Cure phobias, fears and ineffective behaviours by learning how to elicit and change strategies


Increase effectiveness with systems and simpl techniques

What Others Are Saying…

Angela Dalton used to be terrified of speaking in public… until she learned NLP. NLP enabled Ange to get rid of limiting beliefs which she had carried around for decades. Ange has since gone on to complete many more challenges… each one opening her up to an ever richer and more compelling life.

Rob Mason used NLP to achieve something he never thought possible… after years of being a long distance runner, he went on to shave over twenty minutes off his previous personal best…

The feeling of support was massive for me – very different to any other course I have been to. I like the no frills approach. I can’t recommend this course highly enough!

Val Buckland

I have had some positive and lasting results with clients who have spent years with psychologists going around in circles and in one session with me have shifted to out of their limiting behaviours. For myself, I have integrated what I have learned from Peter into my every day life and work. I like the way Peter teaches because he makes NLP even better.

Michele Marie

Pete is a fascinatingly interesting and entertaining facilitator of NLP. Life gets slippery when wet….this gave me traction and direction.

Tony Ross

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars into personal development experiences, and Peter Shaw’s NLP course was the most impactful, informative, and transformational of them all. The more I incorporate what I’ve learned from him, the more beautiful and free my life becomes. The best part is… it actually WORKS. I don’t feel the need to attend the event every single year because Peter has done exactly what he promised – delivered real results. Peter is a captivating facilitator and human being, and I feel grateful to have been able to learn from him. If you ever have the chance to work with him, you need to take advantage of it.

Rachel Bell

If you want the simplest tools with the most rewarding and life changing results then work with Peter Shaw. He is hilariously funny, shocking and and compassionate all at once. I am so extremely grateful I discovered Peter Shaw as now I feel truly limitless. Massive thanks to Pete and the team and I can’t wait to work with you again.

Michael King

You quite simply changed my life in a few minutes during a process and at that time, running a health retreat was just a secret day dream that nobody knew about. Today it’s a reality and now entering the 4th year of running and it all started way back then so thank you. And by the way, I haven’t bitten my nails either since that day ????????????????????????

Gareth Stubbs

Peter’s NLP training is second to none. Peter teaches real, viable strategies and techniques (less the hype,) that are easy to implement immediately as well as in the short and long term. His techniques have proven results and I’m constantly challenged and inspired by the results I’ve achieved since using these. This was, hands down, the best money ever spent. Peter’s teaching style is captivating and engaging. I could not recommend this training enough!!! I enjoyed it so much I went on to date part in a number of the other courses he offers and I could not be happier!

Stephanie Baraya

Pete is hands down one of the best (and most entertaining) NLP trainers. I didn’t quite appreciate how good he is until I attended several other trainings and found they just didn’t compare. Life is more manageable when I can understand the mechanics of how I make decisions. Thank you Pete!

Kelvin Chong

I was lucky enough to do NLP with Pete about 8 yrs ago now… the best thing ever! I went in a shy girl who wouldn’t even put my hand up in a class to ask a question. I am now very confident and comfortable within myself (I’ve spoken in front of hundreds and MC’d 3 weddings since then, and that’s only the beginning). I’ve had so many life changing, amazing experiences and super grateful! More then happy to chat if you have questions

Kahlia Ericson

NLP training with Peter has set me on my path to being who I have always wanted to be and doing what i love, which is empowering women to become more self aware, understand who they really are and create a life they love. it has had great effects for me moving forward with my business, and also personally, allowing me to be able to navigate my way through some pivotal life challenges while staying true to myself. Nlp is for everyone, whether you want to raise happy children or start an empire, these tools will enhance your life, and bring forward the best of you. Enjoy, shine bright! xxx

Kylie Willem

Really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Peter – life just hasn’t been the same since. 🙂 His style of NLP training is very engaging. The processes have changed my life and are helping me to help others change their lives also. 🙂

Mary Smith

2 Easy Payment Options To Choose From: $897 x 6 Installments or $4997 Upfront

Sydney Event


1st – 7th NOVEMBER 2017

From Winston Churchill to David Beckham, Top celebrities have been turning to NLP…. Russell Brand openly declares NLP as a life saver!

The silver screen was always his ambition and yet finding himself on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, his first starring role and the gateway to his dreams, he implemented cleverly devised ways to destroy his chance of success.

Does this sound familiar? 

The subconscious mind is creative and has the ability to sabotage your plans in order to keep you in the comfort of what you know. The role of your sub conscious mind is to protect, to keep you safe and therefore is doing it’s job! The problems begin when in order to move forward you are required to face old fears and blocks which can feel anything but safe and secure at the deepest level.

Mr Brand, having used NLP to assist his life transformation from junkie to movie star immediately realised the old pattern and potential for disaster. Instead of treading familiar paths he took immediate action and called his Coach from the film set, for a powerful concoction of NLP and EFT to revise his program.

Movie star Gerrard Butler, super investor Warren Buffet, tennis ace Andre Agassi and many more have understood the power of the mind and turned to NLP to achieve inspirational results. Often when already successful but finding themselves performing below their optimum potential.

NLP is fast, effective and often requires little attention to the past. Understanding the way your mind operates gives new choices, perceptions and opportunities to overcome entrenched fear and achieve your greatest results.

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